We all know that water is essential to an optimum health. Our body consist of 70% water and like any other organ in our body, our skin (the largest organ) is made up of cells that needs to be “watered” to function properly.

The skin itself has many other functions than helping us look pretty. It regulates temperature, it flushes toxins through sweat but most importantly it is an elastic barrier made up collagen, elastin annnd water that protects us from environmental damages.

Protective Barrier

When our skin is not hydrated enough it becomes dry, tight and flaky and the gaps between our skin cells gets cracked open wider making the skin less robust at protecting us. This can lead to red, itchy and easily irritated skin. Every wondered why sometimes your skin itches when dry? Now you know…

Expression lines and wrinkles

The skin structure is made up of water, collagen and elastin. These things are responsible for the Elasticity of our skin. Elasticity is what provides our skin with that youthful and gravity fighting skin! The more elastic more elastic our skin is the less prone it is to sagginess and wrinkles.

Radiant supply skin

Have you seen a dry cracked dirt road? It is much more noticeable compared to the rest of the road. Dry flaky skin doesn’t reflect light as well, making the skin look dull, rough and unhealthy. A well hydrated skin however looks bouncier, supple and radiant. This doesn’t happen overnight, which is why it is always important to continually hydrate the skin! A good way would be to continuously hydrate the face throughout the day with a light moisturizer or Atomize a hydrating toner with our Blessed™ Nano Face Mist Atomizer