Many of us put allot of effort into the latest skincare serums. Cleansing the face the right way is often overlooked. And with all the pollutants and dirt we encounter daily, a simple wash and go just won’t cut it!

How to Cleanse

All the face serums and treatments in the world ain't gonna substitute a proper cleansing routine. The steps below shows you exactly how

Step 0

Double cleansing.

Why it is step 0 is because its optional. Not every situation you need to double cleanse. A general rule of thumb to consider whether to double cleanse is if you use any form of makeup, tinted waterproof sunscreen or when you had an intense day out where you face is exposed to all the oil, dirts and pollutants. 

Step 1:

Choose a cleanser.

Now this step is often over-complicated by people. Cleanser for Oily Skin? Sensitive Skin? Dry Skin? The best way that works is just to choose a cleanser that is gentle enough.   Although it is tempting to get that speak-clean feeling when you use a strong cleanser. These can actually harm the skin barrier function, disrupting the PH and causing the skin to produce more oil. 

Tips : Avoid cleansers with Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) , Use cleansers with slightly acidic PH that wont strip your skin dry

Honorable Mentions : Cetaphil , First Aid Beauty Pure Skin and Blessed™ Amino Cleanser


Step 2:

Massage the face in a circular motion to make sure the cleanser is able to effectively remove all the dirt and impurities from the pores. A fast and effective way would be to use a Cleansing Brush that is able to reduce your cleansing time by 3X while making sure that all the impurities are removed from the pores. 

Step 3: 

Wash off the cleansers with lukewarm or room temp water. Yes the temperature of the water matters too. Hot water does not open pores, hot steam does ! Washing your face with Hot water will only strip your skin of all the essential oils and stretch the skin. 


Annnd We are Done !!

As long as you follow these 3 steps and clean your face at least twice a day (When you wake, Before you sleep) or whenever your face is polluted with dust/dirt you are good to go and proceed to the next step.... HYDRATE!